“Winning together with the customers”
Jukka Lehto, President and CEO

Jukka-LehtoJukka Lehto has 25 years experience working very closely with customers in the paper industry. Before joining Runtech, Jukka was in charge of the Global PMC Technology Unit in Metso/Valmet and was managing the PMC operations and network with customers globally.

"The most efficient way is to cooperate and win together with the customer", Jukka says, "During my working life I have spent more than half of my time in the customer interface. Always trying to understand and think about the situation from the customer point of view – that is continuously driving our development and new innovations and creates long term, trust based relationships within the network".

"Not only the customers, but also our own team, feel really happy when we jointly find the solutions and ways to dramatically improve the paper machine operations, efficiency and runnability", Jukka adds.

Jukka holds an EMBA degree from Helsinki School of Economics and Bachelor of Engineering from University of Applied Science, Finland.

“We are the best for the paper industry vacuum system”
Juha Karvinen, Technical Director, Vacuum Systems

Juha-KarvinenWhen Juha Karvinen as CEO of Ecopump Oy met with Kimmo Loippo in 1991, two innovative people generated the spark that ignites a big thing. They founded together Runtech Systems Ltd and have been dedicated to improve the runnability and efficiency of paper machines. Ecopump Ltd merged with Runtech Systems Ltd in 2008, and Juha became Technical Director for Vacuum Systems in Runtech.

Juha has more than 25 years experience in developing paper machine vacuum system, dewatering and heat recovery. “I have personally optimized over 400 paper machines around the world. I find that traditionally a) liquid ring pumps have very poor efficiency and consume a lot of water for vacuum generation in paper mills; and b) single/multi- stage turbo blowers are huge, inflexible and also inefficient. Both liquid ring pumps and fixed speed turbo blowers cannot control vacuum level to meet with dynamic vacuum need in paper mills. We have started to develop speed controlled turbo blowers since 1994. With more than 130 successful references, I am proud to say now we have the best paper vacuum system in the world. It is our Ecopump Turbo which can save 40-70% energy and 100% water comparing with liquid ring pumps. No one can stop this revolution”! Juha emphasized.

Juha holds a B. Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki Polytechnic. And he has worked in different positions as vacuum system designer, service engineer, managing director and CEO/Chairman. He is now also one of the owner and board member of Runtech.

“Do it right at first shot!”
Antti Teräsvuori, Business Manager

Antti-TerasvuoriWith over 20 years’ experiences in papermaking, Antti Teräsvuori is now leading Runtech operations in Kotka, where Runtech’s Ecopump Turbo production base and delivery center are based.

“Real team-players make a winning team,” Antti says, “We are on the same boat rowing in the same direction and having the same goal. As the business manager and the factory manager, there is never a compromise with quality. I am proud of our professionals who make this come true”.

Being a cleantech-oriented company in the papermaking industry, we must always be open minded, creative, fast-adopting and absolutely customer oriented. “Do it right from your starting point! Only thinking on behalf of the customer can transfer our technology to a real solution”, Antti emphasized.

After getting his Master of Science in paper technology from Helsinki University of Technology in 1993, Antti has dedicated his entire career in the paper industry, such as production superintendent, production manager, project manager and technology manager in UPM, then sales manager and business manager in Runtech.

“React fast and right”
Mika Tahtinen, Project Manager, Head of Project Dept.

Mika-TahtinenMika Tahtinen has worked in several hundred projects in the paper industry during the past 14 years, ranging from a few components delivery to a project for a whole paper machine rebuild. “No matter how big it is, every project means the same responsibility and importance for me. And no customer is left without our support during and after the project is handed over. Whenever an order is placed, our project managers take the baton and transform it into a successful and satisfying project for the customers”, Mika says.

Mika has also strong background in 2D/3D design and manufacturing, which helps to organize the projects and design work in a very efficient way. “The market always demands a fast reaction and this is undoubtedly one of our competitive advantages”, Mika emphasizes.

Mika holds a Bachelor degree in machine and production engineering from Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Prior to Runtech, Mika has worked as Project Manager in EV Group Oy for 12 years, where he focused on the projects to optimize paper machine runnability, process efficiency and paper quality.

“Quality, delivery time and costs”
Harri Guseff, Purchasing Manager

Harri-GuseffHarri Guseff completed his Bachelor degree in production management and business administration from Kotka Institute of Technology, and has worked over 20 years in Runtech (including 15 years in Ecopump Oy which is now part of Runtech).  Harri has grown up with the company from start-up and performed different roles as project engineer, project manager, production manager and purchasing manager.

“I know the company and the industry well. As the purchasing manager, I am always trying to find the best and most reliable subcontractors. Quality, delivery time and costs, are the key issues in my mind. A win-win and reliable relationship with the subcontractors support our production and sales.” Harri says.

“Interaction for satisfaction”
Yang Fenghui, General Manager, China

Yang-FenghuiAs a cleantech and marketing professional, Yang Fenghui clearly understands the urgency and necessity of sustainable development for a traditional industry such as paper making.

Internet and new media bring people closer together, and rapidly changing information flow creates both opportunities and challenges for Runtech. "Besides developing new customers, we pay a lot of attention to maintain and enhance the relationship with existing customers. There is no doubt that interaction is a fantastic tool for us to develop our products and services, enhance customer satisfaction and reach our own sustainable growth". Yang stated. "Interaction also helps Runtech to build harmonious relationships with our different partners and stakeholders".

Yang received a master degree in landscape ecology from Hiroshima University in Japan and bachelor degree in environment resources and biology in Fudan Univeristy, China. Yang has worked in different organizations as R&D Project Manager, Chief Representative in Vietnam, China Director for Finnish Environmental Cluster for China (FECC), Sales and Marketing Director.



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