RunDryTM dewatering and doctoring optimization

RunDry improves dewatering and doctoring. There are cases which have led to a 1-3% increase in dryness after press section, which saves 4-10% of dryer section steam and/or increases the production considerably. Payback time is very often less than 1 year.

RunDry is a systematic and tailor-made solution by the application of Runtech specialized doctoring and dewatering products, such as AirBlades, double doctors, blade holders, doctor beams and save-alls.

AirBlades are known and proven to improve roll cleanliness, sheet dryness and sheet profiles. RSP AirBlade is designed for grooved rolls, blind drilled rolls as well as shoe press sleeves. RSE AirBlade is a special blade for suction rolls such as couch rolls and press suction rolls.

WingBlade doctor blade is a specially designed option for high speed machines with very efficient water removal due to the foil effect and good mechanical contact to the roll surface.

CompoAdapt doctor holder is the first full carbon composite hose-loaded blade holder resulting in easy maintenance and trouble free operations. Robust design is suitable for sheet knock-down positions and the blade holder is always easy to pull out from the machine for maintenance.
CompoDoc doctor beam provides compact, reliable and almost maintenance free solutions for doctoring improvement.

Well designed and built save-alls are essential to get the full benefits from increased dewatering, and ensure efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention.
Runtech save-alls are always designed to utilize EcoFlow dewatering measurements.

We offer RunDry solutions directly to our customers or via machine suppliers.

Interested in saving energy and optimizing your dewatering and doctoring? Please contact us.

Products and services

Air Blades for grooved and suction rolls

  • RSP Air Blade for grooved and blind drilled rolls
  • RSE Air Blade for suction roll
  • Over 300 installations worldwide
  • Patented

RSP Air Blade for grooved roll – Fine paper 1150 m/min

  • Retrofit installation to existing DST holder
  • Higher dryness after press
  • Increased machine speed +80m/min

CompoAdapt – The first full carbon fiber hose loaded blade holder

  • Compact size
  • Specially designed for carbon fiber doctor beams
  • Profiling and extremely durable top plate
  • Easily retractable construction
  • Top plate is also front removable
  • No heat expansion
  • All doctoring positions
  • Patented construction

CompoDoc – Carbon fiber doctor beam

  • For machine widths up to 11,8 meters
  • Compact size
  • 30 times lighter than conventional steel doctor
  • Composite structure dampens vibrations
  • No heat expansion
  • Patented construction


RunDryTM services have been successfully delivered to over 500 machines globally, including machines producing all paper and board grades, as well as tissue and pulp.

RunDryTM system has been supplied to the main papermakers globally.

Due to confidentiality reasons, the names of the mills are not shown for following cases.

Case FINE paper, 850 m/min, 17 t/h

  • New Compiroll save-all with RSE Air Blade
  • 2nd press RSP Air Blade
  • Press section Ecoflow system
  • 2% higher dryness after press
  • + 4% more production
  • ROI < 4 months

Case Sack / linerboard, 1050 m/min, 16 t/h

  • 1st and 2nd press doctor rebuild with RSP Air Blade
  • 3rd press doctor rebuild
  • Press section Ecoflow system
  • 560 kW vacuum blower stopped
  • ROI < 1 year

Case Kraftliner, 800 m/min, 40 t/h

  • New Compiroll save-all with RSE Air Blade
  • 3rd press top roll save-all and bottom roll doctor with RSP Air Blade
  • Press section Ecoflow system
  • Production increase +5%, dryness after press +1,7%

Case Linerboard, 750 m/min, 30 t/h

  • RSP Air Blade for shoe press
  • Old save-all and doctor replaced with new system
  • Press section Ecoflow system
  • 1-2 % higher dryness after press – benefit depends from the speed and basis weight
  • ROI < 2 month

Case Testliner / flutting, 600 m/min, 15 t/h

  • Shoe press doctor with RSP Air Blade
  • Production increased 5-20% depending on the basis weight – average 11%
  • 7% less steam
  • ROI < 2 month

Case Solid board, 200 m/min, 20 t/h

  • Extractor press RSP Air Blade
  • Dryness from 48,8 to 51,2 %
  • ROI < 3 months



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