RunProTM tail threading optimization

RunPro ropeless tail threading can reduce break time by up to 80% and clearly improves the operational safety in tail threading. Payback time is very often less than 1 year.

RunPro is a ropeless tail threading concept from the wet end to the reel. The new generation of automatic ropeless tail threading solutions have been widely applied and proven to be safe, reliable, fast and almost maintenance free.

Press RunShooter meets the threading needs for center rolls and separate presses.

SingleBlow is designed for tail threading in the single felted dryer sections. It can solve the common problem where the tail has a tendency to follow the dryer cylinder and hit the doctor. In addition to SingleBlow devices Runtech is able to supply web stabilizers and in-machine drilling of the vacuum rolls as part of the total rebuild of single felted dryer sections.

TailBlade M and RunShooter D are offering fast and trouble free ropeless tail threading for the double felted dryer section.

RunShooter F provides cost-efficient and reliable ropeless tail threading for long open draws.

Our hundreds of references show that we can reduce break time by up to 80% compared with other tail threading solutions.

Special equipment and tailor-made tail threading solutions can be developed in a short time, to easily satisfy the most demanding needs.

We offer RunPro solutions directly to our customers or via machine suppliers.

Interested in a fast, safe and trouble free ropeless tail threading? Please contact us.

Products and services

Press Runshooter

  • Fine paper 1150 m/min
  • Tail threading from center roll to 4th press
  • Significant improvement in tail threading time and operator safety

TailBlade M for double tier groups

  • Fine paper 1000 m/min
  • Pre- and post dryer sections converted to ropeless
  • Fast tail threading through the whole machine
  • Downtime because of ropes minimized
  • Safe tail threading with 2-3 operators

Runshooter D for double tier groups

  • LWC 1150 m/min
  • Double tier groups converted to ropeless
  • Smooth start-up
  • Extremely fast and reliable tail threading for all machine speeds

Runshooter F to size press ropes

  • New pick-up plate for heavy basis weights and pivoting pull down foil
  • Project includes three positions:
    • wire to press
    • pre-dryer to sizer ropes
    • post dryer to calender ropes
    • Linerboard 600 m/min
  • Operator safety was the key driving force to this project
  • All positions started up smoothly and tail threading performance is better than promised

Runshooter F for long open draws

  • Runshooter F, LWC 1550 m/min
  • Total reel area tail threading time less than 30 seconds
  • Maintenance free and cost efficient solution for long open draws
  • Compact and flexible construction allows installation in tight positions.

Runshooter F for sack paper

  • Runshooter F, Sack 800 m/min
  • Reel area converted to ropeless
  • Tail threading success rate over 90%
  • Quick installation and fast optimization during the start-up
  • No maintenance costs


RunProTM services have been successfully delivered to over 200 machines globally, including machines producing all paper and board grades, as well as tissue and pulp. RunProTM system has been supplied to the main papermakers globally.

Some references:

  • Domtar Marlboro PM1, Fine paper - 1200 m/min, Double felted dryer section and reel are Runshooter F
  • Hamburger Pitten PM4 – linerboard 1400 m/min, TailBlade F for double felted sections
  • Mondi Dynäs PM6, Sack paper, 800 m/min - Runshooter F for reel
  • Mondi Steti PM5, Sack paper, 900 m/min – Runshooter F for reel
  • NewPage Luke PM8 and PM9, Fine paper - 1100 m/min, Press Runshooter
  • Norske Skog Bruck PM4, LWC – 1550 m/min, Runshooter F for reel area
  • Portucel Soporcel PM2 – Fine paper 1600 m/min, TailBlade M for double felted sections
  • Portucel Soporcel PM4 – Fine paper 1600 m/min, TailBlade M for double felted sections
  • Sappi Somerset PM3, Fine paper – 1100 m/min, Runshooter for reel area
  • SCA Nokia PM9, Tissue – 1500 m/min, Runshooter F for reel area
  • SCA Ortviken PM2 and PM4, LWC – 1400 m/min, TailBlade M for double felted sections
  • Smurfit Kappa SSK Birmingham, Linerboard – 900 m/min, Press Runshooter
  • Smurfit Kappa Piteå PM2, kraftliner – 800 m/min, Runshooter F for calnder ropes
  • Stora Enso Kabel PM4, LWC – 1400 m/min, TailBlade M for double felted sections
  • UPM Kaipola PM7 – Newsprint – 1600 m/min, TailBlade M for double felted sections
  • UPM Hürth PM1, Newsprint - 2000 m/min, Single Blows
  • UPM Tervasaari PM8, Release paper – 1000 m/min, TailBlade M for double felted sections




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